These are some comments from our new owners of our Canobi puppies and older dogs.  We always love to know how are dogs are going and how they are fitting in with their new family and love to see photo's of them.  Some of the lovely emails we have recieved are very rewarding and we so happy that our Canobi dogs are doing so well and are loved,



Hi Lynell 
Bailey is such a joy. He's a big boy with an even bigger personality. Loves attention, walks, chasing bugs, belly scratches, chewing, eating, jumping....and loves us!!! (and anyone else who happens to be around) We're still working on the training. Responds well to treats, but has a short attention span-typical boy!! 
Will send some more photos, but don't have any recent ones at the moment. 
Fiona, Warren, Charlie and Sam😃


Hello Lynell,

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.
I am feeling guilty for not getting in touch sooner (Im bad)…
Your photo below of your Cocker baby is just too cute :)
Barnie is happy…….very happy, and we are totally in love with him. He settled in to our family very well and he and Milly are inseparable. He is learning a lot of new things and has become a great learner by copying Milly. I take them walking most days, and we walk down by a local creek (with waterholes and a billabong…. where they both splash around and Milly goes in for a swim). I also walk them up in the nearby State Forest where they run next to me off lead….. they love going for big walks.
He has become a very loyal and devoted dog….
He enjoys big juicy marrow bones (all day lollipops) and playing with the garden hose. He sleeps in a sheepskin cocoon next to my bed and didn’t take long to be toilet trained. He is gaining confidence down at the local dog park, and loves doing the agility/obstacle course there…… wearing a huge smile on his face and carrying his tail high.
My husband has slowly coaxed him up onto his lap while sitting in his comfy lounge chair…. for sleepy cuddles in front of the TV…. which he now really enjoys. We have had to take our time with grooming him….but now he is getting better with brushing and combing. (I think he secretly enjoys it !!! haha) 
We have taken him camping twice and he has been sooooo well behaved. He takes his role of protecting us very seriously! So we know when someone is approaching our campsite. He has encountered cows, horses and Alpacas while camping.
Barnie has been apart of our family for 7 months now…… and we can’t imaging life without him.
Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes for a safe and happy New Year.

Hi Lynell,

 Penny was doing beautifully and is just so adorable. She has the most beautiful personality and is so crazy in the morning and then wears herself out for a really big snooze. She's loving exploring outside, when we are out there with her, but we do keep her inside with us. She is doing so well with her toileting which obviously you worked on with her. So thank you so much for that. Health wise she is growing and is really looking beautiful. We bath her a bit so she always looks beautiful.


Hoping you are well.

Kind regards





Thanks for checking in. Daisy aka Cindy is the love of our lives. She's such a beautiful girl with a lovely temperament  and very much a part of our family. We love her to the moon. She's happy and healthy - although small at only 12kg!  
I've attached some photos of her recently. 
We have actually been considering getting her a sister to ease her into a bigger family (babies coming in the not too distant future). Are you having any puppies in the next while? This is not a definite decision but something we are considering :) 
Thank you kindly,
Catherine and Daisy 




Hi Lynell
Hope you are keeping well.  Here are some photos of Snowie, our Canobi Snow Dog, who is now 18 months old.  We love our boy and he continues to be a source of so much happiness, fun and entertainment for all the family. 
He's just spent the day out at my inlaws acreage having a great time exploring the sights and smells of the farm, now back home in Coogee having a rest and enjoying the sea breeze.
Wishing you and your family of welshies a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2017.
Kathryn And Snowie  xx
Hi Lynell,

Just sending an update. We have one very cute welshie that has grown and matured so much in the past month. He has graduated puppy school and loves showing off his new tricks. I am very upset with how fast he's growing I wish they could stay little forever. Here are some recent photos. We would love to see some photos of his brothers or sister if you have any.

Kind regards,

Brooke and Ben.


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